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To help the members convert their spendings into a lucrative earning potential and all business owners increase their sales by driving traffic of potential shoppers into their businesses.


To connect shoppers and businesses owners into one state of the art global platform for loyalty rewards program using ePoints with cash back incentives, referral shares, and group bonuses.


To achieve financial freedom, find the courage to dare, develop the faith to do and be motivated by our burning desire to win.



ARNEL SALVACION believes that every living soul has the power to achieve anything they want in life.

He dreamt and developed a solution to help people and empower them that even the lowest marginalized society can also be a part of a community that gives value to their welfare.

His passion and advanced knowledge of software engineering give him the opportunity to create a state of the art global platform that connects business owners and shopping members with mutual benefits.


“He who never pursue the development of his god given power to the increase of wealth for the benefit of mankind which we are all entitled was the one who was selfish enough to help others”.


FERMIN FAMALOAN started his network marketing profession in 1996. He went through from failure to success, success to failure and ups and downs for many years. But they thought him the process to develop wisdom in all of his endeavors.

His passion and dreams to integrate four industries into one unique immense opportunity guided him to meet Arnel who had the same vision.

Working together to develop a state of the art global referral and loyalty rewards platform that unified online marketing, social media, network marketing and traditional business.

"When you reward people by just sharing that information, this would give us a tremendous opportunity to create a community that values everyone’s welfare."

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