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Royalty Referral Rewards (R3)
Get 5% every time your direct sponsored Merchant sold ePoints to all members regardless of group
Get 5% every time your indirect sponsored Merchant sold ePoints to all members regardless of group

Sample Scenario :
You found Merchant A and convinced him / her to post products to our online store. You will now get 5% from the ePoints that he / she sold to all our members worldwide.

Also, you have sponsored a friend and he / she found a Merchant B. Your friend get 5% and you also get 5%.


Referrals Levels YOU ePoints Sold Total ePoints Rewards/
Direct  1 100 20,000 2,000,000 100,000
Indirect  2 1000 20,000 20,000,000 1,000,000
Possible earnings daily, weekly or monthly 1,100,000

In R3 Program you will earn total of 10% for every sales of your personally invited merchants and their invited merchants every week.


List of possible Merchants

Department Stores

Shopping Stores

Grocery Stores






Note : Any business selling any products / services can be your Merchant

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