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The objective of this proposal is to invite you to enter into a Strategic Partnership with as a Selling Merchant Partner and provide discount privileges of products and/or services through rewards point system to my-boss community members.

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How will You Benefit ?

  1. You will gain new customers who will eagerly choose you over your competitors. Thanks to the power of profit-driven, word-of-mouth referral and online advertising.

  2. These community members will be very loyal to you. Thanks to one of the largest and most successful referral and loyalty point programs in the Philippines, and soon, worldwide.

  3. You will be recognized as a selling merchant partner on MY-BOSS platform with map locator and store direction.

  4. You will be advertised and promoted by hundreds and thousands of MY-BOSS community members.

  5. You will be able to create your webstore presence and post your products and services on the MY-BOSS online platform.

  6. You will receive real-time notification on your dashboard when there is a request for purchase from the member.

  7. You will be provided with secure payment facilities to ensure purchases and accuracy of payments.

  8. You will be given a privilege to join in our referral and loyalty reward system should you be able to refer other to become a member and royalty referral reward should you be able to refer to us other companies or establishment who can be part of our Merchant Partner Program.

  9. We believe that MY-BOSS community is a great avenue to help you increase your revenue and support the growth of your business.

Who We Are ? co. Ltd. is a company (herein refer to as MY-BOSS) duly registered with the Security and Exchange Commission under Philippine Law with SEC registration No.PL201614319 and office address at Unit 5 Corbonel St. Pagrai Village, Antipolo City, Rizal.  The owner of website and mobile app Platform.

“In good economic times and especially in sluggish ones when people curtail their spending, an enticing promotional offer is bound to get people’s attention. Such offers constitute good marketing and smart business. If you’re thinking about writing a letter to promote your business, take your effort the next small but crucial step by offering your customers or prospective customers an incentive to come see you. Perhaps they will drop by right away and make a purchase; perhaps they will come see you next week and spend money. Either way, you can make a simple promotional effort even more effective -- not to mention more cost effective -- by offering your readers something tangible and enticing”.

Those thought lead us to think about what to do and what to create. Something that has never been done before helps us to believe we can develop a platform where a selling merchant and a shopping member can be in a mutually profitable business relationship, together in one Platform… the MY-BOSS way! The company has initiated its operation just recently. At present, we have thousands of active members and fast growing. We are also setting up to lengthen our scope to target more local and international membership.

ARNEL SALVACION - (the software engineer) believes that every living soul has the power to achieve anything they want in life.

He dreamt and developed a solution to help people and empower them that even the lowest marginalized society can also be a part of a community that gives value to their welfare.

His passion and advanced knowledge of software engineering give him the opportunity to create a state of the art global platform that connects business owners and shopping members with mutual benefits. 

“He who never pursue the development of his god given power to the increase of wealth for the benefit of mankind which we are all entitled was the one who was selfish enough to help others”.

FERMIN FAMALOAN - (the system analyst) started his network marketing profession in 1996. He went through from failure to success, success to failure and ups and downs for many years. But they thought him the process to develop wisdom in all of his endeavors.

His passion and dreams to integrate four industries into one unique immense opportunity guided him to meet Arnel who had the same vision.

Working together to develop a state of the art global referral and loyalty rewards platform that unified online marketing, social media, network marketing and traditional business.

"When you reward people by just sharing that information, this would give us a tremendous opportunity to create a community that values everyone’s welfare."

What We Want From You ?

As the company gears into expanding its membership organization and strengthening its community locally and internationally. We would want you to become our  Selling Partner Merchant by providing discount privileges of products and/or services through referral and loyalty rewards point system for our shopping members posted on the Platform.

Our Vision & Mission


Step 1 . Set Up Your Account:  You may register through webform or SMS based.

Step 2.  Design Your Webstore:  Posting of Products & Services by the Selling Merchant on the Platform.

Step 3.  Offer Reward Points:  By offering reward points we can attract our community members to refer others and be  loyal only within the merchants of MY-BOSS community. 1 point convertion is equal to 1 peso value

Step 4. Activate Your Map Locator:  for Your Web and Store location and Direction.

Step 5. Start Selling Through MY-BOSS community:


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We firmly believe that in this way, we can provide an enormous opportunity for your products and services to be more acknowledged and recognized by our community shopping member’s and help you grow your business.

We are very excited to have you as one of our Selling Merchant Partner!

Should you find this Merchant Partner Program proposal acceptable? Kindly please click the link for further information

Thank you and God bless!

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