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Guide on how to operate "My Business Online Shopping Store" MY-BOSS!

Step 1 >>> How To Register and Become A Member of MY-BOSS Community for FREE

Step 2 >>> How to reload your eWallet.

Step 3 >>> How Request Purchase and Secure Payment Facility Works.

Step 4 >>> How Referral & Loyalty Rewards System Works

Step 5 >>> How To Share Your Referral Link To People Around You.

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Posting of Products and Services by the Merchant on the Platform.

How To Connect MY-BOSS Account To Your Facebook Messenger

Where to View Request Purchases of Shopping Members.

How To Transfer eWallet To Other Member.

How Merchant and Member Withdraw their Earnings and Rewards.

Where to View All Your Transactions.

Where to View Rewards and Bonuses.

How to Create Your Own Topic.

Where to Find All Posted Products and Services by the Merchant.

Where To View Your Own Topic.

Where to View All Topics.

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MY-BOSS SMS Facility

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FaceBook Page

Youtube Channel

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