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How To Transfer eWallet To Other Member ?

MY-BOSS has designed an online transfer facility of eWallet to other member. This transaction is being secured through secure sockets layer (SSL) with 256 bit encryption. It is computer networking protocol that manages server authentication, client authentication and encrypted communication data between servers and clients. These protocols allow a client to authenticate a server and establish an encrypted SSL connection for security and safety. Just kindly follow the simple and easy step by step guide below on how to transfer your eWallet.


STEP 1: Login to your account, in your dashboard under

  1. On “MY eWallet” button
  2. Click “eWallet Transfer”


STEP 2: After clicking eWallet transfer, on the next page will ask you to;

  1. Type the “User number” of member you wish to transfer your eWallet fund.
  2. To avoid sending your ewallet fund to a wrong person, the name of member you wish to transfer your eWallet fund will appear on the left side bar in the page for confirmation and authentication.
  3. Your available balance appear here
  4. Type the amount you wish totransfer (ex:100).
  5. Type your password (one that you use during the registration)
  6. Don’t forget to click “click here to transfer” button


STEP 3: After clicking,“click here to transfer” button, the next page will appear to confirm your transaction.

  1. Information message will confirm you that…“Cash Transfer Successfully Posted”.
  2. “Date and Time” of transaction.
  3. The “Amount” you transferred.
  4. The type of “transaction and reference number”
  5. The “user number and name of member” to which you made a transferred.

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