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Posting of Products and Services by the Merchant on the Platform.

Learn how to post your products and services


Step 1: In posting products and services on the platform, just login to your account, under “My Business” button click“Create New Ads”button and create your ads.


Step 2: In creating ads, please take note of the following:

  1. Browse a picture file - This will be the picture of your product and service that will appear on the platform
  2. Select a category - for easy access and search make sure you have selected the right category of your offering.
  3. Product descriptions - describe your product and service well and attractive.
  4. Select your currency - If you’re posting outside the Philippines you can select your country currency. (Example of product selling price at US$100 and merchant discount is 50%, which is US$50 X P47 a dollar that is equal to 2,350 ePoints. ePoint must be converted in Philippine currency with a value of 1 ePoint = 1 Peso
  5. Local price - is the actual selling price of the products and services selling merchant offers on the platform. Example local Price is P1,000
  6. Allotted ePoint- is the discount selling merchant offers to shopping member of my-boss community in form of Personal ePoint (PeP). For example: If the local price of product and service selling merchant offer on the platform is P1,000 and the allotted ePoints is 500, therefore selling merchant is giving away a 50% discount on the product and service offered on the Platform.
  7. Product Information – a field where merchant can explain more information about the product and service offering on the platform.
  8. Click here to post -don’t forget to submit your posting by clicking this button.


Step 3: Selling merchant can edit posting of products and services on the platform by just clicking the “Edit” button.

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