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How To Share Your Referral Link To People Around You.

The company has designed a referral capture page for every shopping member and selling merchant to ensure that anyone who clicks and registers through that referral capture page will be credited as their directly referred member. There are three (3) options on how to share referral capture page.

  1. Through Direct Referral Link ·
  2. Through Product Link
  3. Through Topic Link


OPTION 1: Through Direct Referral Link

Log in to your account, copy and share your own referral link to members of your family, friends and facebook friends to grow your organization and earn more through our referral and loyalty reward system. This option is the fastest and easiest way of sharing.


OPTION 2: Through Product Link

1) Choose any product and click the image. Example is “CELLEVO”

2) Next page will show product details and facebook “Share Button”. Click facebook share button.

3) By clicking facebook button, pop up a facebook window where member and merchant can share through many options like Share on your own timeline, share on the friend’s timeline, share in a group, share on a page you manage and share in a private message. Then click “post to facebook”


4) Please be reminded that user number is automatically embedded to your capture page link when you share products and services to make sure whoever registers through that link will be your directly referred member.

OPTION 3: Through Topic Link

1) Under “Community Topics” button, click “Latest Topics”

2) These topics can be shared with your capture page link, Choose any topic you want to share. (Example: FAQ) click, the image.

3) Prompted you to the next window, wait for the share button to reflect. There are 2 options where you can share this topic.

  • a. Through send message and
  • b. Through facebook share.

You can choose many options where to send your link. Like; share on your timeline, share on a friend’s timeline, share in a group, and share on the page you manage or share in a private message. Just don’t forget to click “Post to Facebook” button


NOTE: Selling merchants and shopping members can choose many options to share my-boss to their friends, relatives and people around them. These products, services, and topics created for my-boss community members are to ensure that the information they share has to be connected to their respective referral capture page.

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