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How Request Purchase and Secure Payment Facility Works?

MY-BOSS has designed a secure payment facility for shopping member and selling merchant online. There are Two (2) options to facilitate accuracy and make sure that all payments are properly secure and personal epoint (PeP) will be credited to the shopping member and rewards and bonuses are distributed according to my-boss referral and loyalty reward system (RLRS).


Payment Option: (Cash)

Step 1: Shopping member can select or search products and services on the platform online. In this example shopping member choose spirulina.


Step 2: You can click image for more information. It will shows the content of spirulina, merchant ID number, actual price of the product (P1,605), ePoints of the product (1,000 Pts), merchant’s name, email, mobile and the “Request Purchase” button.


Step 3: After a shopping member click the “Request Purchase” button. She/he will be prompted to click “continue” to send request to the selling merchant.


Step 4:­­­ After clicking “continue” to send request purchase to the selling merchant, shopping member will receive two transaction messages.

  • 1) Information message: For your security, you need to provide (Transaction Key 286) to the selling merchant for your payment confirmation. Merchant cannot process the said request of purchase payment if shopping member does not submit the Transaction Key Number (TKN) to the selling merchant.
  • 2) Success report: Purchase request submitted successfully. View Pending Request Now! You can view your request purchase by clicking the link “View Pending Request Now!”


Step 5: View the status of your request. You can use chat button or send SMS to the selling merchant should you wish to submit your TKN to confirm and process your order or to cancel your request purchase.


Step 6: Selling merchant received “Request Purchase” and the “Tracking Key Number 286” from the shopping member. Selling merchant will input the “Amount Paid” which is P1,600 and “TKN” which is 286 to confirm and process the order or your request purchase by clicking the “confirm” button.


Step 7: After selling merchant received “Request Purchase” and the “Tracking Key Number 286” has been consummated and processed by clicking confirm button. The shopping member will earn 10% cash back reward based on ePoint of products or services declared by the selling merchant on the platform which is P100 (10% of 1,000 ePts.). Plus personal electronic points (PeP) which is 1,000 PeP to determine your ranking level to qualify for referral and loyalty reward system. Click here for more information on ranking level.


Payment Option: (Ewallet)

Step 1: Shopping member can use ewallet as payment to selling merchant

  • 1) In your dashboard under “My eWallet” button, click “eWallet transfer”


Step 2: It will prompt you to the next page to type the following information;

  • 1) User ID number of member or merchant you wish to transfer or use ewallet as payment.
  • 2) The system will validate the name of member or merchant as you type the user ID number for confirmation and to avoid sending to a wrong member or merchant.
  • 3) Available balance ( 426.3000 points)
  • 4) Amount to transfer (ex: 200)
  • 5) Transaction password “one that you used during the registration”
  • 6) Don’t forget to click “click here to transfer” button

Step 3: It will prompt you to the next page with the following information;

  • 1) Message “cash transfer successfully posted”
  • 2) The date and time of the said transactions
  • 3) The amount you transferred. (200)


NOTE: The Merchant is the seller of the promotional products and/or services which the member is purchasing. MY-BOSS only provides the platform or venue for the sales offered by the featured Merchant. Thus, MY-BOSS cannot issue official receipts to the members. Also, my-boss cannot process and grant requests for refunds and/or exchange of goods and/or services. Once the member’s made a request purchase by clicking the “request purchase” button on the platform, a (“transaction key number - TKN”) will be generated. This “TKN” shall be submitted to the merchant for confirmation and approval of purchase request by the buyer. The merchant will be informed of the said request and process the sale. Member who made the request will confirm the sale is considered perfected by submitting the TKN to the merchant. Members are responsible for understanding the terms and conditions of use set out here. Any controversy, dispute/s and/or claim/s for refund/s and/or exchange of purchased items which may either be product/s and/or service/s shall be addressed and resolved by the specific merchant from whom the member purchased the good/s and/or service/s. My-boss, in exceptional cases, may assist the member by coordinating with the merchant for information regarding the merchant’s refund procedure.

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