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Where to View Request Purchases of Shopping Members ?

Part of MY-BOSS commitment to provide amazing opportunity for our community members in their online business, we have designed communication tools for shopping member’s and selling merchant’s to notify and monitor purchase request on a real time basis.

STEP 1: Login to your account and on the upper right of the page you will notice the following;

  • 1) The “Request” icon, this icon will appear in shopping members and selling merchants dashboard only if there were requested purchases. When you click the “request icon” button, the system will prompt you on the next page “My Pending Transactions” where you will view information of the shopping member.
  • 2) “Message” icon where messages from shopping members and selling merchants located.
  • 3) “Chat Support” icon where you will communicate directly to the my-boss company for any concerns and queries.
  • 4) “Facebook” icon is the official facebook page of the my-boss company where you will view more information with regards to my-boss business procedures.

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