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How To Connect MY-BOSS Account To Your Facebook Messenger ?

MY-BOSS has designed an integration of my-boss account directly to facebook messenger for communication purposes between selling merchant and shopping member.

STEP 1: If you’re a new member and first time to log in your my-boss account, the system will prompt you to the simple guide on “how to connect your my-boss account to your facebook messenger”. Just follow these 4 simple steps.

STEP 2: Into your facebook account, 1) Click the “dropdown” button located on the upper side on your facebook page. 2) Click the “Setting” button.

STEP 3: After clicking the “Setting” button, the system will prompt you to “General Account Settings” into your facebook page wherein you will find your facebook “username”. 1) Just copy the name or number after the “/” (


1) You may also ”change the username” of your facebook account by clicking the “edit” button

2) Just Don’t forget to click “Save Changes”

STEP 5: Now you have located your facebook username, go back to your my-boss account.

1) Into “settings” button,

2) click “Reset My Facebook Username”

STEP 6: After clicking the “reset my facebook username” the system will prompt you to a new page, scroll down the page and on the left middle side of the page located a box where you… 1) “Paste or type” your facebook username. 2) Then click “Submit” button located on the right middle side of the page.


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