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How to Create Your Own Topic?

Creating your own topic is the best way to drive shopping member to your online store, generate more sales, create traffic trends and advertise your offering on the platform. These topics are beneficial for the members of our community and can be used as their capture page or sales page with their personal URL (Uniform Resource Locator) embedded on every topic the members will share or promote. Thus; giving you an assurance that whosoever click and register on the topic page you shares will be your directly referred member.

STEP 1: Login to your account, under

1) “Community Topics” button click

2) “Create New Topic” button

STEP 2: After clicking “create new topic” button, the system will prompt you to the next page where you can create any topic you want.

1) Choose a Picture File

2) Your Main Topic (e.g. How To Earn Million In 12 Months)

3) Your Sub Topic (e.g. You Too May Earn Million’s the MY-BOSS Way)

4) Use this icon if you insert video in your topic

5) Use this icon to insert picture

6) Use this icon to insert table

7) Don’t forget to save your work

8) Example of Trending Topic


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